Shoe dryer SB-3 UVA


Supply voltage 230 V
Power 8 W
Weight: 170 g
Length: 140 mm
Width: 36 mm

EAN: 5907445244516

Packed in a cardboard box

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SB-3 UVA dryer is distinguished by a modern shape, which also allows easy insertion into dried shoes. It is equipped with ventilation holes located on the bottom and top part of the housing. These openings constitute a modern air circulation system that accelerates the process of drying and heating shoes. The UV light illuminates the air flowing through the inside of the dryer and affects the bacteria that cause the unpleasant smell. The use of ventilation holes results in more effective, efficient and faster air exchange between the wet inside of the shoe and the space outside. The heating elements of the dryer tips are two separate miniature heaters, equipped with thermostats controlling the operation of the device. This dryer is perfect for long-term use.


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Weight0.66 kg

Dark brown


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