Shoe dryer SB-6 P


SB-6 P modular stationary dryer

Supply voltage: 230 V
Power: from 18 W
Weight: from 1100 g
Packed in a cardboard box

Delivery starts at 12 zł. We ship within Poland and to selected EU countries.
Payment methods: Przelewy24 (fast money transfer), traditional bank transfer.
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SB-6 P model is the latest product of our company. SB-6 P dryer is a model designed for wall mounting, which allows drying and sterilization of several pairs of shoes at the same time. Thanks to the modular structure, it is possible to configure the device for drying 2, 3, 5 pairs of shoes or any configuration of these modules. The drying-disinfecting unit is the most popular model SB-6 with blowing, UV diodes and a thermostat. Thanks to the use of unique switches, each pair of the dryer can work independently of the others. The dryers use a completely new solution of the construction of heating elements, thanks to which it was possible to maintain the current thermal efficiency, while reducing the heater’s power.

SB-6 P dryer is a perfect solution for technical and service services, industrial plants, energy, gas, water supply and public services such as fire brigades, border guards, mountain, road and water rescue, as well as hotels, guesthouses, ski rentals, roller skates , the bowling alley is also recommended for home use.

Dryers power:

SB-6P2 power from 18 to 36 W, depends on the number of attached drying-disinfecting units
SB-6P3 power from 18 to 54 W
SB-6P5 power from 18 to 90 W

Dryers weight:

SB-6P2 1.1 kg – 1.3 kg with packaging
SB-6P3 1.5 kg – 1.9 kg with packaging
SB-6P5 2.5 kg – 3.1 kg with packaging

Dryers dimensions:

SB-6P2 length 36 cm, width 13.5 cm, height 9 cm
SB-6P3 length 54 cm, width 13.5 cm, height 9 cm
SB-6P5 length 90 cm, width 13.5 cm, height 9 cm

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Weight1 kg

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