Model G90 WKTRP (narrow, short, adjustable thermostat, pump)


Gravity heater, designed for continuous operation symbol G90WKTRP EPS ELEKTROWARM
Technical data
Voltage: 230 V. Current: 50 Hz.
Power: 400 W, 850 W, 1200 W.
Kl. insulation I, IP 44.
Operating thermostat: fixed 50 to 70 ° C (standard 60 ° C), adjustable 30-90 ° C (IP20)
Connection diameter diameter to be selected when ordering: 16, 17, 18, 20 mm, option 3/4 "for corrugated steel 
Work position Model G90WKT: horizontally or diagonally with the lid up. Model G90WKTR: all positions from horizontal to vertical. Electrical connection: OWY cable 3x1 mm, 3 m Equipped with a mounting bracket. Weight: 1.9 kg.
Delivery starts at 12 zł. We ship within Poland and to selected EU countries.
Payment methods: Przelewy24 (fast money transfer), traditional bank transfer.


A characteristic feature of the heater is the steel tank construction without an external connection ring. The small 
dimensions allow it to be used where space is limited. The surface of the heater is protected against corrosion by epoxy
powder coating. The plastic cover of the heater provides protection against moisture at the level of IP44 for the heater
and IP20 for the regulated thermostat. The heating chamber has a capacity of 1.05 liters.

The heating chamber is closed with a head in which a 400 W, 850 W or 1200 W radiator is mounted.  
A fixed thermostat controls the model T and TS. The TR model is equipped with an adjustable thermostat with a value of 
30 to 90 ° C. 
The heater is designed to work in a horizontal position. It is possible to work almost vertically, slightly oblique, 
with the nozzle and the lid up.
An optimally selected heating chamber capacity to the offered power significantly extends the life of the radiator and 
minimizes the number of heating and standstill cycles, and this has a fundamental impact on trouble-free, long-lasting 
operation of the heater. 
Heater outlets are equipped with 3/4 "external or 1/2" internal pipe thread, allowing any screw-in fitting to be screwed
Standard fittings for 16, 17, 18, 20 mm rubber hose or corrugated stainless steel hose 3/4 "(specified when ordering).
The heater heats the cylinder block in emergency power generators, construction and agricultural machinery. Prevents 
problems associated with starting a cold engine. In continuous operation, it maintains a constant temperature of the 
engine block in power generators.
The installation method is described in the instruction manual.

Additional information

Weight21 kg
Dimensions24.5 × 18.1 × 18.1 cm

WKT 1200 W (fixed thermostat on the cap), WKT 400 W (fixed thermostat on the cap), WKT 850 W (fixed thermostat on the cap), WKTR 1200 W (adjustable thermostat), WKTR 400 W (adjustable thermostat), WKTR 850 W (adjustable thermostat), WKTRP 1200 W (adjust. therm. + pump), WKTRP 400 W (adjust. therm. + pump), WKTRP 850 W (adjust. therm. + pump), WKTS 400 W (fixed thermo., probe in heating chamber)


16 mm, 17 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm, 3/4 ''


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