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An engine heater is an electric device which heats the cylinder block of a combustion engine. It assures an easy start-up of the engine in all exploitation conditions. It eliminates problems resulting from starting up a cold engine. It can be applied in every combustion engine.

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About our products

An EPS ELEKTROWARM engine heater is an electric device which heats the cylinder block. It eliminates problems resulting from starting up a cold engine. It is particularly useful in the winter engine exploitation conditions. As it is proved by research, wear and tear of the engine in each single cold start-up is usually equal to driving for 200-300 km and increases fuel combustion even by 20%. Initially warmed engine is always ready to be started up, is subject to wear and tear more slowly and therefore works longer and discharges less harmful combustion products. In addition, directly after starting up of a warmed engine it is possible to warm the passenger cabin. The EPS ELEKTROWARM heaters can also be used for heating permanent engines in all areas of use. They are particularly recommended for maintaining constant temperature in emergency power generators.

Using the EPS ELEKTROWARM heaters you protect the natural environment of a human being, save money and earn time and certainty of a reliable start-up of the engine.

Responding to the needs of the market, the company EPS ELEKTROWARM prepared new models of heaters of the engine block.

D-12-8002 is a unique, first on the market model of a pump heater, protected by the utility pattern of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland under the number WP19649. A pump heater is a modern, quickly working heating device, whose purpose is heating the cylinder block in a combustion engine. It is equipped with an electric heater and a force pump. Its basic advantage is a compact structure, which provides the possibility of installation in every engine room.

Another two heaters, designed and prepared for the winter are models: D-12-850T and D-12-PC1000T The action of these devices is based on a free, gravitation circulation of the heated liquid. They have no moving parts and this is why, after correct installation, they work silently and without breakdowns. They are alternatives for a pump heater. The liquid they heat moves up, as it is lighter and it is replaced by sucked heavier, cold liquid. Natural circulation takes place in the cooling system, so that the entire engine block is heated. They differ as far as the manner of connection to the cooling system of the engine is concerned.

Moreover, the company EPS ELEKTROWARM offers heaters installed in the engine block of Mercedes cars, produced for years. These traditional heaters, replacing the hole plug screwed out of the engine block with the thread size of 38X1,5 mm enjoy great popularity of recipients for years. They heat the liquid directly in the engine block.