Shoe Dryers

The dryers – heaters have received positive opinions of the Instytut Dermatologii (the Dermatology Institute) and Centralne Laboratorium Przemysłu Obuwniczego (the Central Laboratory of the Shoe Industry), as well as an award on the International Sports and Outdoor Equipment Fair Summer 2009 in Kielce. The dryer – heater ELEKTROWARM is placed on the first position in the scope of individual drying and heating of shoes.

The dryers – heaters are equipped with fans and miniature thermostats, which control the shoe drying and heating process. The dryer – heater ELEKTROWARM used every day prevents problems resulting from using wet and cold shoes.

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About Us

EPS is a company which has specialised in manufacturing heating elements for household appliances since its beginning. Our first product was electric hair curlers. Later, we started manufacturing several types of immersion water heaters. Along with the changing market changed the manufactured product range. Other products introduced in the company’s offer, which are manufactured to this day, include electric engine block heaters and coolant flow heaters for internal combustion engines, which have a good reputation among the owners of diesel cars. Our company also makes CB-Radio antennas, which are as are manufactured under the brand “MASEN”.


In 2004, in order to meet market needs, EPS started the production of electric dryers for shoes under the brand ELEKTROWARM. Everyone who likes to spend time actively knows how moist or even wet shoes can feel after many hours of walking in the mountains, skiing, snowboarding, or biking. The solution to the problem of wet shoes is to use electric dryers ELEKTROWARM. EPS is the only company in the Polish market, which received positive feedback for its products from Institute of Dermatology and the Central Laboratory of the Footwear Industry.

Why should you get the latest dryer with Ozon generator?

Perspiration is a natural process of human functioning used by the body to cool itself. Thus, every type of sport is accompanied by the secretion of sweat, which remains partly in clothes and shoes. In addition, participation in outdoor sports exposes clothing and footwear to rain, snow and dew.

Wet shoes are more than just an uncomfortable feeling. If shoes are not thoroughly dried, they can become a perfected home for uninvited guests.

FungiBacteriaUnpleasant odourCold
Fungus develops in wet shoes. Fungus exposes feet to a risk of serious dermatological disorders and cause damage to materials, which shoes are made of.
They reproduce in moist and warm environment, resulting in various types of skin infections that can lead to serious health complications.
It is the result of moisture, bacteria and fungi developing in not dried footwear.
Cold feet are a common problem, which is increased by putting on cold and wet shoes. Cold feet cause the thermal discomfort to the whole body, and are a factor in reducing resistance. Using ELEKTROWARM driers on a daily basis, you can forget about the problems arising from wet and cold shoes.

Using ELEKTROWARM dryers, you can also dry and warm up gloves and other garments, thus removing the discomfort which accompanies putting on cold garments.

According to the opinion of the Footwear Functionality Team at the Central Laboratory of the Footwear Industry “. . . it is important to provide proper drying thus preserving appropriate properties of footwear, which plays a positive role for hygiene and comfort. Proper microclimate inside the shoe determines the comfort of use and has an impact on hygiene and health of the foot’s skin (…)”

You can get rid of all of the above-mentioned issues, using the latest dryer with Ozon generator SDW100


How to use

Using the dryers on a daily basis has a positive effect on the condition of footwear and putting on dry shoes is beneficial for the health of our feet.

To dry and warm footwear, both dryer tips should be placed inside the shoe on the sole in its front part. Connect the cable to the power supply outlet with proper voltage.
Depending on the degree of shoe moisture, dryers should be left in shoes for a few to several hours.

To enhance the drying effect, do not close the upper shoe, in order to allow circulating air to flow freely.

Dryers are designed for drying and warming all types of footwear and gloves. Not recommended for any other use.

For safety reasons you should not use the dryer outdoors and in places with high humidity such as: bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements and garages. Do not expose dryers to water. Do not immerse in water and do not leave them with unaccompanied minors.