Shoe dryer SB-7 (Kopia)


Voltage: 230 V
Power: 9 W
Weight: 250 g
Length: 160 mm
Width: 48 mm

EAN: 5907445244899

Packed in an ECO carton

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The SB-7 shoe dryers are perfect for summer and winter. The device dries and disinfects all kinds of footwear and socks, gloves and hats very quickly and safely, depriving them of the smell of mold and fungi.

Model SB-7 is absolutely unique and the first dryer on the market with ozone sterilizer. To date, ozone is used, among others, to disinfect drinking water. Now you can disinfect dried shoes, helmet, gloves, socks and hats in an effective, reliable and simple way. To dry or disinfect shoes, place both dryers in shoes along the entire length of the foot. Leave as needed for 1 – 4 hours. After being switched on, the dryer automatically works in the drying function. At any time, we can enable the ozonation function, which lasts 5 minutes and is sufficient to carry out effective sterilization of footwear. You can switch the ozonation function back on at any time. The dryer heater does not work during ozonation. The driers are completely safe for footwear (they do not cause deformation or damage to footwear).

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