Shoe dryer SB-6


SB-6 First Polish dryer with a fan.

Voltage: 230 V
Power rating: 32 W
Weight: 270 g

EAN: 5907445244059

Delivery starts at 12 zł. We ship within Poland and to selected EU countries.
Payment methods: Przelewy24 (fast money transfer), traditional bank transfer.


DIAMENT is a dryer equipped with an electric fan for each tip and a UV light emitting diode. The fan ensures air exchange in the shoe in an amount required for a gentle, safe for footwear, evaporation of moisture. In addition, UV light with a dry, warm air effectively reduces the amount of microorganisms responsible for odour of wet shoes. By the use of air flow forced by the fan, the dryer’s housing is cooled more effectively than in a traditional dryer. This is because warm air is discharged from the dryer to the shoe and does not significantly heat up the dryer?s housing. The solution of using a fan inside the dryer?s tip reduces noise caused by the fan. The shoe suppresses noise to a high degree. This is of extreme importance, when we are drying shoes in the room where we sleep during skiing trips, for instance. Benefits of DIAMENT dryers become apparent when drying ski or hiking boots, or everyday shoes.

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Weight0,33 kg

Cappuccino, Dark brown, Light brown, Blue, Orange, Grey, Terracotta, Green, Violet, Apricot


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