Engine heater D12-8005 + check valve (power cable schuko plug)


Pomp engine heather D12-8005

with a check valve

Voltage: 230 V.
Current: 50 Hz.
Power: 2900 W (depending on version).
Insulation class ‘I’ IP 40 Phi of terminals: 16 mm
Weight 1120 g.

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A pump heater is a modern, fast in operation heating device used for heating the cylinder block in a combustion engine. It is equipped in an electric heater with the power of 2900 W, supplied with alternate current of 230 V voltage and a delivery pump. Its basic advantage is its compact structure. Such a structure allows fixing it in almost every engine chamber. As opposed to the gravitation heater, it comprises an internal circulation pump due to which it is more efficient and it heats the engine faster. With the use of the heater, engine starting-up is easy in winter as it is in summer. Due to the starting-up of already heated engine, it wears out slower, consumes less fuel and at the same time produces fewer fumes.

It is especially recommended for trucks.

EPS ELEKTROWARM engine heater operates due to the application of the internal circulation pump and electric heater located in a compact structure. The heater shall be connected between rubber hoses which join the engine with the heater core so that the liquid flow was directed towards the engine. One shall use tees and tie-ribs for the purposes of connection. If the rubber hoses which a heater shall be connected to have the diameter greater than the diameter of the heater terminals, it is additionally necessary to order and apply applicable tees.

After turning the heater on, its pump delivers cooling liquid which circulates around the electric heater and engine cylinders. The heater heats liquid which continuously heats the engine until the moment the heater is turned off by the thermostat.

Attention: the pump applied in the heater is a delivery pump and its rotor is greased with the engine cooling liquid. Before turning the heater on, make sure that its chamber is flooded with the engine cooling liquid (a dry pump shall not deliver liquid). If the pump operates without liquid (dry) it may be durably damaged and it shall loose its guarantee.

ADVANTAGE – Universal and simple installation
EPS ELEKTROWARM heater has a compact structure due to which it is easy to find a place for it in the engine chamber. The coupling diameter matches most passenger cars, delivery vans and trucks. It assures the possibility of universal application.

In the heater a thermostat is assembled which automatically turns off the device at ca. 55°C and turns it on again at ca. 50°C.

In the gravitation heater, without the built-in pump, even the smallest amount of air in the cooling system blocks the cooling liquid circulation what makes the heater often fail. The internal circulation pump prevents from the problem due to which EPS ELEKTROWARM engine heater characterises with high reliability of operation.

The heater has to be connected in accordance with the guidelines contained in the user’s manual.

Additional information

Weight1,5 kg
Dimensions19,5 × 7,0 × 7,0 cm

2900 W


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