Engine heater P140TR


Voltage: 230 V for the power up to 2400 W and 3×230 for the power of 4800 and 7200 W.
Current: 50 Hz.
Power: 850 W, 1200 W, 1700 W, 2050 W, 2400 W, 4800 W, 7200 W.
Insulation class ‘I’, IP 20 due to electric switchboard.
Weight 15,6 kg.

Temperature adjustment: with the use of a adjustable thermostat.
Diameter of connection terminals: 16, 17, 18, 20 mm.

Independent heater on a support structure placed by the power generator or tank

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P140 EPS ELEKTROWARMengine/buffer tank heater is a universal pump heater. It heats the cylinder block in the emergency power generators, agricultural and construction machines. It may also successfully be applied in the solar systems as an alternative source of heat, in case of bad weather for heating medium in the buffer tank. It prevents from problems related to starting-up of a cold combustion engine. It maintains the constant programmed temperature of the heated medium. Its main advantage is the efficient circulation pump of adjustable power, similar to the one applied in the solar systems. The application of the circulation pump increases the heater’s efficiency and capacity with regard to the gravitation device. In big power generators and buffer tanks only the circulation enforced by the pump assures efficient and fast heating of the device.

The engine/buffer tank heater is a Polish structure made entirely of materials, subassemblies and elements manufactured in Poland.

The characteristic feature of the pump heater is automatic operation and maintenance of the set temperature. With the use of the heater constant temperature of heated engine or buffer tank is assured in all conditions regardless of the ambient temperature.

The operation of P140 EPS ELEKTROWARM engine/buffer tank heater is possible due to the usage of the circulation pump and electric controller. The heater liquid is transferred by the pump and the controller, by means of two sensors maintains the set temperature. The circulation pump transfers the heated medium towards the engine/buffer tank. The operation of the pump is supervised by the controller. The controller’s programme allows setting a delay in pump turning off with regard to the heaters in order to cool down the heater system.

P140 EPS ELEKTROWARM heater is built-up on a steel structure which allows placing it in an optimum place near the power generator or a tank. The heater structure allows application of connection terminals for the hose with 3/4″ internal and external thread. The diameter of connection terminals applied in the standard performance amounts from 16 to 20 mm. 3-way connectors which allow connecting the heater to most rubber hose diameters are offered separately. The additional terminals for 3-way connectors are offered in diameters from 25 to 70 mm with a branch of 18 mm. Additionally, due to the application of ¾” nipple to the pump inlet and applicable couplings; it is also possible to use steel corrugated hoses.

The user receives a heater checked by the technical inspection team in terms of the system tightness and efficiency of the heater, controller and pump operation.

Additional information

Weight21 kg

2400 W (electronically controlled), 4800 W (electronically controlled), 7200 W (electronically controlled)


16 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm


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