Shoe dryer SB-3 UV


Supply voltage: 230 V
Power: 8 W Weight: 170 g
Length: 140 mm
Width: 48 mm

EAN: 5907445244066

Packed in a blister with a cardboard box

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SB-3 UV dryers is a model with a modern design, which has been equipped with internal diodes emitting germicidal UV light. Dryers are intended for heating and drying damp, soaked footwear. They are suitable for all types of footwear, e.g. hiking, fishing, snowboarding, skiing, everyday use. They can also be used to dry gloves. Dryers are recommended for amateurs of various sports and for people with excessive foot sweating and dermatological problems. There are special holes in the lower and upper part of the dryer, thanks to which drying and heating of shoes is even and much more effective (maximum heat circulation is maintained). Additionally, the dryers are equipped with bactericidal diodes emitting UV light. It is one of the most effective methods of disinfecting rooms and surfaces. LEDs emit UV-C radiation. This radiation has the strongest biocidal properties and irreversibly inactivates bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi and all other microorganisms, while eliminating the need to use chemicals. It does not cause any chemical contamination. To dry or heat shoes, both dryers should be placed in shoes along the entire length of the foot. Leave as needed for 1-4 hours. Dryers are completely safe for dried shoes (they do not cause deformation and damage to shoes).

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